Ivan Schultheiss – A man for turning practical ideas into practice

«Leadership is primarily down to people, not techniques or work practices. It is the human  commitment which really counts»

Peter F. Drucker, Economist

ISC Consulting stands for more than just the initials, but rather for Ivan Schultheiss at the forefront, and with him years of practical experience «from the coal face to the boardroom». Ivan Schultheiss’s methods are characterized by commitment and passion and his career experience makes him an ideal business partner, delivering expertise, empathy and sound economic judgement. 

Thumbnail profile: 

  • An enthusiastic and well-connected communicator
  • a proven sales and marketing profile
  • an experienced leader with finely honed social skills for dealing with staff and clients
  • domestic and international experience. 

Business Experience: 

  • More than 20 years of management experience in the media and advertising industries (Clear Channel Schweiz AG, Mediaschneider AG und APG|SGA)
  • senior management experience at the operative and strategic levels, including participation on the administrative boards of both small and large-sized companies
  • tested and experienced in management change operations
  • leadership roles in the largest Swiss outdoor advertising companies
  • as ‘turnaround’ manager, helped play a leading role in transforming «Weltwoche» from a newspaper into a magazine.

«Never mistake movement for progress.»

Peter F. Drucker, Economist